9216 Lazy Lane, Tampa Florida 33614.
Email: microstar@verizon.net
Store hours are by appointment only.

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Hello, I am Ray Margarit and I am the President of Microstar. I am probably at the office now. Please call me at: (813) 667-1000.

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We have very efficient & strenuous testing methods. We are Department of Defense certified in removing data from hard drives.

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Sell Used Ram

We sell a large selection of new and used ram and we also sell accessories. Check back regularly for updates, and be sure to check out our low, low prices, especially our awesome prices on the ram we sell.

Right now the tested old ram we sell is hard to find anywhere in the ram market. However, right now we have an excellent selection of new and used ram, in fact we sell ram of all kinds. Recently a fellow came in looking for some particularly hard-to-find ram and we just happened to have the ram he needed in our very hard to find ram department.

All our ram is fully tested and functional

All our ram that we sell is fully tested and functional, so is the hard to find ram. We sell our used ram with a 30-day warranty, and we sell our new ram with a 1-year warranty.

Ram, ram & more ram, That's right, while you're at our website, be sure and visit our computer museum everything from the "Hero Robot" to floppy drives and hard drives of every description.

We Buy It All Hard Drives, Memory, RAM etc.

We are always looking to buy large quantities of used software, used CPU chips, used memory chips, used hard drives, used monitors, used cdroms, used memory ram, used printers, used motherboards, used sdram, used modems, used video cards, such brands like; Pentium, AMD, Seagate, Western Digital, Dell, IBM, HP and others, as well as other computer related items

We are an eBay PowerSeller See for yourself.

The Microstar Ebay store offers top quality brands in Memory, CPUs, Hard Drives, and other computer components and peripherals

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