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MicroStar is located in Tampa, Florida where we sell computer, laptop and hardware parts in old or new condition. All of our used hardware and computers we sell are reasonably priced and you can save big with our monthly computers specials. Check out our eBay Items that we sell. we are eBay Power Seller so that we can sell computer scraps very fast.

We are a computer store first and foremost. We aren’t a broker, trying to sell computer in mass production, all our computers and products like Used Laptops and Used Pentiums that we sell are fully tested and configured before leaving the store. We ship domestically and internationally with 30 day warranty on used computers we sell and parts and 1 year warranty on new computers and parts we sell. After we sell computers, we give you a tracking number (if requested) to ensure safe delivery.

If you send an email looking to buy or sell computers, We place you on a list and each month we review the “Wanting to Buy” and “Have to Sell” databases and try to find computers, parts and accessories matches.

Used Computers

Florida’s MicroStar used computers is a buy-sell-trade used computers store. We carry a great variety of used computers and used laptops. We have many types of used hardware and used accessories. See monthly for used computers and used hardware at even better prices. Save big with used systems.

Our in-house technicians configure and test all our used computers. All our used monitors are burned in for four hours. This eliminates selling used monitors that could blur or become erratic once it gets hot. Every used hard drive we sell is fully low-level formatted for surface integrity. So every one of our computers has a used but fully tested hard drive. Buying used is perfect for the family who needs extra computers for their kids to use.

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