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Sell processors to us in bulk. Begun back in 1987, Microstar Computers is a buy-sell-trade Pentium store in Tampa, Florida. We carry a variety of used Pentium and used laptops. We have a large selection of processors as well as Hard Drive and accessories. Check back regularly for updates, and be sure to check out our prices.

Right now we have an excellent selection of new Pentium® and used Pentium® processors. All our new Pentium® and used Pentium® processors are fully tested and functional. Our new Pentium® Processors come with a 30-day warranty and our used Laptops Processors come with a 1-year warranty. So you can easily buy sell processors from us without any worry.

New Pentium® and used Pentium® processors?

For information related to stepping, voltage, timing and packaging of each specific Pentium® and used Pentium® processors, go to the Pentium® Processors-Quick Reference Guide.

The Pentium® Processors-Quick Reference Guide provides information for the installation of the Intel Pentium® processor. If you need an online Pentium® manual, go to Microprocessor Resources and Pentium® manuals.

Did you know that the Pentium® commercial was created on a Motorola-based Mac running the Electric Image Animation System? Now if Apple would only advertise that!

While you’re at our website, be sure and visit our computer museum… everything from the “Hero Robot” to new Pentium® and used Pentium® processors.

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